Area Social

The Bar & Restaurant area was designed as a great gallery of modern art, with works and paintings inspired by great performers of pop art but made by young Italian and African artists Our "welcome gallery" inspired by Mathieu Tremblin and the LOOP sculpture, a tribute to Robert Indiana's LOVE which has become the symbol of all the world's skeaters, will introduce you to the bar & restaurant area. Sofas are made of recycled pallets, such as the old wooden electric rolls are used as a table. The bar, a blend of contemporary and recycled materials, with the use of raw cement, steel, iron and old building boards.

Walls are decorated with Street Art graffiti, honoring master artists like Basquiat, Bansky, Liechtenstein and Haring. All the above, mixed with the majestic makuti overlooking the lounge, with the sandy floor and with the chill shades of the Indian Ocean, which continually changes its color depending on tides, will catapult each guest into an exciting, unique and special atmosphere.

Bar and Restaurant area will be in the ideal place to start a day with breakfast or relax and socialize after a day at the beach or at sea. Guests can see a soccer, rugby or Formula 1 GP on satellite TV and listen to music while tasting our local and international cocktails or delicious fresh tropical fruit juices.

Restaurant is open at any time, with a Swahili and Italian menu, and all dishes are strictly prepared with local food. The fish is fresh and comes everyday thanks to our fishermen.